Episode 03: Language

When it comes to language, how do Canada and Sweden compare? Sure, they have different official languages, but do the dissimilarities end there? We look at what people speak, where they speak it, who’s speaking it and how it all got that way.

This episode, the point of whether Canada and Sweden are alike or different is decided by you, the listeners. Leave a comment on the website, tweet at me @RachelCHahn or mail me at hej@rachelhahn.com to let me know your thoughts. I’ll update the score board once I hear from enough of you to make a call.

Guest interview with Kevin Stroud, producer and creator of The History of English Podcast.

Episode music:
– Star Explorer X (In the Event of It’s Maiden Voyage) by Lickpenny Loafer
– Improvised song by Tanya Tagaq, performed for the Open University (find the track on Youtube here)
– Chances by Vinton Vegan
– Jules by Cornbread

Language clips:
Tornedal Finnish



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