Episode 01: Laundry – extra info

A cartoon about doing laundry in Sweden (in Swedish) by Oskar Majewski. Oskars-cartoon1

The topic of laundry brought out some great stories.

Some people sent in audio recordings of their stories and others wrote them down. Here are a few of the written submissions worth a read…

“Approximately 10 years ago I was living in a downtown Toronto highrise. Generally, Sunday was laundry day for me (and everyone else in the building, apparently). I was changing my laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, when I noticed a t-shirt in the dryer (which obviously belonged to the last person who used the machine). Having acknowledged the t-shirt, I still continued to load my washing into the dryer anyway. I’m not sure what came over me that day, and why I didn’t remove the strange t-shirt from the dryer. Maybe it was someone’s favourite t-shirt, maybe it belonged to my neighbour, maybe it was used to commit a crime… thoughts which at that moment, never crossed my mind. To this very day I still wear that t-shirt. In retrospect, I believe the t-shirt and I were supposed to be together. That’s why when we were first met, it didn’t feel strange at all. It’s like we knew each other.”


“My laundry story is sort of strange, more of a mystery. I had an apartment back in the day with the worst most under cared for laundry room of all time. It’s a story unto itself, but just know that it was a small corner of a giant room in the basement of the building and it had 30+ old broken refrigerators just sitting there, crawling with cobwebs. I had a car at the time so I would just drive my laundry to a nearby laundromat, one that had an arcade in the back, cause you already had a pocket full of quarters so misewellamiright? I go to the back and play video games after putting the wash on, coming back to switch things over to the dryer. Using the dryers next to mine right after I put my stuff in is this gorgeous woman who looked way too good for a laundromat. She was probably in her late 20’s early 30’s and I was around 19 or 20 at the time. Her stuff went in just after mine, and around 40 minutes or so later I’m playing a video game and I notice over my shoulder that she’s taking out her stuff, so I assume my things are probably dry. I lose in my video game a few minutes later and the lady is walking out the door with her things. I have 2 dryers, I open one of them up and on top of my clothes is a perfectly laid out pair of black lace thong panties. So what am I supposed to conclude from this? The dryer was totally empty when I filled it up, so it wasn’t just some left over from the previous user. Was this lady hitting on me somehow? If so then why leave before I come over? Was she just really kinky and loved giving out mischievous thrills to young guys at laundromats? Expensive hobby to have, these didn’t look cheap. Did she just throw them into the wrong dryer when collecting her things or loading up her dryer? Seems unlikely, and why would it just be one article of clothing? If it was just a one of sock that would not have provided any mystery, but these didn’t look just thrown in, they were laid out front and centre, not just haphazardly jumbled in with my stuff. I grabbed them (probably blushing) and ran out the door looking to see if she was still walking down the street, but it had been a few minutes and she was no where too be found. I packed up all my things and just left them [the panties] out on one of the folding tables in case she came back for them or potentially for some pervert or same sized lady to grab. Why are they called a pair of panties anyway? Same with pants, it doesn’t make any sense they are both one article of clothing.”

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  1. I just listened to Episode 01 and thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing! At first I wasn’t sure that laundry was going to be an interesting topic, but you proved me wrong. Great job with the podcast! I will be listening to more. By the way, I’m an American male – and in my town there must be at least 20 laundromats. The Swedish laundry culture is quite a surprise to me!

    1. Thanks for listening Jeff! Glad you enjoyed the show, and that I could surprise you a bit 🙂 It’s always interesting to hear comparisons with America too — so similar to Canada in some ways, and in other ways not.

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