Episode 05: Christmas

‘Tis the season for sleigh bells, Santa and rampant materialism. Christmas is technically the same holiday all around the world, but how do the Swedes celebrate compared to Canadians? I’m joined by documentary filmmaker Amanda Buckiewicz to take a look at Yule time in these two lands. Find out if we decide they’re the same or different.

WARNING: episode contains Santa spoilers i.e. the true identity of Santa is discussed.

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Episode 04: Hockey

We put two great hockey nations head-to-head in this episode of Canada vs. Sweden. Listen in on the conversation I have with a former Swedish hockey player and a die-hard Canadian hockey fan to find out how the nations compare. Not into sports? Don’t worry, me neither. And I still managed to have fun. Did I mention there’s a trivia lightning round? Continue reading “Episode 04: Hockey”