Episode 07: Smörgåstårta

What happens when a group of Canadians attempt to create their own version of a cherished Swedish dish? Well, there’s some swearing (beeped out), some laughing (okay, a lot of laughing) and a lesson or two about sharp knives and calories.

On this episode of Canada versus Sweden we embrace cultural culinary differences and explore the phenomenon known as Smörgåstårta. Listen in as the Swedish sandwich cake gets a Canadian makeover.

Episode music:
– Cornbread Twist by Cornbread
– Enter the Machine Part III — and so it begins by Vincent Gauchot

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Episode 06: Measurements

How do Canada and Sweden measure up? No really, like, how do they measure things? This short episode takes into account how each country takes things into account. Ok, enough puns for one episode description.

I’m also putting a call out for your stories about dating. I want to know, in Canada and Sweden, how do you ask for a date? Who pays? What’s the point of this ritualistic mating game anyway? Send a voice memo my way, or write me a mail: hej@rachelhahn.com.

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Episode 05: Christmas

‘Tis the season for sleigh bells, Santa and rampant materialism. Christmas is technically the same holiday all around the world, but how do the Swedes celebrate compared to Canadians? I’m joined by documentary filmmaker Amanda Buckiewicz to take a look at Yule time in these two lands. Find out if we decide they’re the same or different.

WARNING: episode contains Santa spoilers i.e. the true identity of Santa is discussed.

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Episode 04: Hockey

We put two great hockey nations head-to-head in this episode of Canada vs. Sweden. Listen in on the conversation I have with a former Swedish hockey player and a die-hard Canadian hockey fan to find out how the nations compare. Not into sports? Don’t worry, me neither. And I still managed to have fun. Did I mention there’s a trivia lightning round? Continue reading “Episode 04: Hockey”

Score Update–Call for Help–A Treat

For the language episode I asked you to cast your votes for whether Canada and Sweden are the same or different. Find out which side of the debate won.

Also, a call for your help in making the Christmas episode: SWEDES! Please share your Christmas traditions and stories with me by mailing a voice memo to hej@rachelhahn.com.

Lastly, I made a little mash-up called “Yes, I am Canadian”. Just my little way to say thanks for listening.

Canada versus the Sweden The Podcast logo, boxing gloves

Episode 03: Language

When it comes to language, how do Canada and Sweden compare? Sure, they have different official languages, but do the dissimilarities end there? We look at what people speak, where they speak it, who’s speaking it and how it all got that way.

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Episode 02: Beer

When it comes to the delicious and age-old topic of beer, how do Canada and Sweden compare? You’ll hear the tale of a beer-based bromance, find out how much beer Swedes and Canadians drink per capita every year, and get to know the ins and outs of enjoying a frothy alcoholic beverage in each of these fine countries.

Interviews feature Mandie Murphy and Austin Roach from Left Field Brewery in Toronto and Thomas Fransson of Malmö Brygghus.

Episode music:

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please by Splodgenessabounds
Beer by Reel Big Fish
Ge Mig En Öl by Kenneth & The Knutters

A collection of Swedish beer bottles on a desk
Rachel Cooper presents an array of Swedish beers to be sampled by the Canada versus Sweden panel for episode 02.

Episode 01.1: BONUS Laundry stories

A follow-up to episode one. Hear stories from listeners about their laundry experiences and find out why the scoreboard changed in our debate of Canada and Sweden: the same or different?