Episode 05: Christmas

‘Tis the season for sleigh bells, Santa and rampant materialism. Christmas is technically the same holiday all around the world, but how do the Swedes celebrate compared to Canadians? I’m joined by documentary filmmaker Amanda Buckiewicz to take a look at Yule time in these two lands. Find out if we decide they’re the same or different.

WARNING: episode contains Santa spoilers i.e. the true identity of Santa is discussed.

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Episode 02: Beer

When it comes to the delicious and age-old topic of beer, how do Canada and Sweden compare? You’ll hear the tale of a beer-based bromance, find out how much beer Swedes and Canadians drink per capita every year, and get to know the ins and outs of enjoying a frothy alcoholic beverage in each of these fine countries.

Interviews feature Mandie Murphy and Austin Roach from Left Field Brewery in Toronto and Thomas Fransson of Malmö Brygghus.

Episode music:

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please by Splodgenessabounds
Beer by Reel Big Fish
Ge Mig En Öl by Kenneth & The Knutters

A collection of Swedish beer bottles on a desk
Rachel Cooper presents an array of Swedish beers to be sampled by the Canada versus Sweden panel for episode 02.

Episode 01.1: BONUS Laundry stories

A follow-up to episode one. Hear stories from listeners about their laundry experiences and find out why the scoreboard changed in our debate of Canada and Sweden: the same or different?

Episode 01: Laundry

The pilot episode of Canada versus Sweden explores the human experience of cleaning your clothes. We all have to do it, sooner or later, but do we do it the same way in Canada and Sweden? Canuck Andy Frank joins show host Rachel Hahn to answer the question.

The laundry of a child whose potty training. A photo by Emma Tait, living in the forests of Småland, Sweden with her son, Joakim, and baby-daddy, Simon. The laundry of a potty-training child. Photo by Emma Tait, living in the forests of Småland, Sweden. “It may just look like a washing line of tiny, hilarious pants, but this represents a massive milestone for little Joakim.” – Emma

Episode music:

Laundry by Friska Viljor
Laundry (I’m Happy) by The Good Lovelies
Summer in the city by The Lovin’ Spoonful
Laundryman by MC Tracky-Dactyl (The Peloton)

Book mention:
“Den som inte tar bort luddet ska dö!” by David Batra