Episode 07: Smörgåstårta

What happens when a group of Canadians attempt to create their own version of a cherished Swedish dish? Well, there’s some swearing (beeped out), some laughing (okay, a lot of laughing) and a lesson or two about sharp knives and calories.

On this episode of Canada versus Sweden we embrace cultural culinary differences and explore the phenomenon known as Smörgåstårta. Listen in as the Swedish sandwich cake gets a Canadian makeover.

Episode music:
– Cornbread Twist by Cornbread
– Enter the Machine Part III — and so it begins by Vincent Gauchot

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Score Update–Call for Help–A Treat

For the language episode I asked you to cast your votes for whether Canada and Sweden are the same or different. Find out which side of the debate won.

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Lastly, I made a little mash-up called “Yes, I am Canadian”. Just my little way to say thanks for listening.

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